Monday, September 20, 2010

Daddy's 30!!

I have been looking forward to September 3 for almost 9 months now :) I turned 30 back in January and Chris LOVES to remind me how I "robbed the cradle." Well as of September 3, he can no longer tease me! He finally turned 30 too!!! WOO HOO! I think he was a little bummed out about this over-rated birthday... so we decided to make it a small, weekend-long affair.

On Friday, for his real birthday, we ate wings and then invited Grandmaw Elwanda over for a special ice cream cake (one of Chris' favorite things :)! Pretty low-key, but it was the birthday boy's decision. On Saturday, Josh and Brandi Luig drove Chris, Crockett and myself west to the Hub City where we continued the celebration! After a quick shopping trip to Red Raider Outfitter, we got dressed up for a childless, grown-ups only, night out on the town!(Thanks to LuLu & Papaw!) We all had a wonderful dinner at the Double Nickel Steakhouse and then continued on to one of our favorite old hangouts, The Spoon. It wasn't quite the hoppin' place that we remembered, but we still had a GREAT time! We played pool, danced a little bit, shared a pitcher of cherry bomb (paid for it the next morning!) and really had SO MUCH FUN! On Sunday we went to watch our Red Raiders beat SMU! (Thanks Monica and Ryan :) It was so hot, but a really good game!(WE WON!) We ate burgers and homemade ice cream at my mom and Les' house and then headed home. Brandi, Crockett and I slept the whole way home... It had been a LONG weekend! I think Chris had a good weekend and that made the whole 30th birthday a lot easier to take :)

The next day, we went out to Hotshot's (Chris' grandfather) to celebrate his 79th birthday, which was on September 2nd! (Chris' dad's birthday is also on September 2nd!) and Rich Stone's 1st birthday which is on September 10th! LOTS of September birthdays in this family!! We all had some cake and the kids played outside. We love going to visit Hotshot, but it is not very often that ALMOST everyone can get together with him at the same time. It was a special evening!

SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SWEET HUSBAND! Hope your 30th is the best yet! We love you SOOOOOOO much! Happy birthday to Hotshot, Steve and Rich too!! We will have to celebrate together EVERY year!

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