Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red River ~ Day 1!!

A few weeks ago, my sister and her husband, Ryan, asked us if we wanted to go camping with them. While I am not one to go camping, I figured that with a little boy I should probably learn to like it, and I knew Crockett would have a GREAT time with his cousins... so we went! Since Monica and I were in charge of the accomodations, we found a cabin at 3 Bears Lodge(highly recommended!)in Red River, NM. It was a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom cabin and was quite cozy, although, next year we will probably spring for a slightly larger cabin :)

We began our adventure on Sunday, August 15. Chris, Crockett, Saydi (who got to stay at the Curry's with Scout) and I drove to Lubbock for the night so we could do grocery shopping and get a few last minute things taken care of. On Monday morning, we left Lubbock with cool mountain weather in our sights. The drive was quite long, about 6 or 7 hours, but Crockett did AWESOME! He slept most of the time and was pretty happy when he wasn't asleep. The view once we got into New Mexico was gorgeous. We could see passing rain showers in the distance, mountains, so many trees... such a welcome change of scenery :) It was raining and about 65 degrees when we finally arrived in Red River. We got settled into our cabin and by then the sun was out so we went to explore. Monica and I were a little frightenend after our 1st outing. Braidy fell and hurt his knee, John fell in the river and ALMOST got swept downstream by the currents (it wasn't deep water, just very cold) and we locked ourselves out of the cabin! Luckily, I think we were just getting these incidents out of the way so we could enjoy the rest of the week!

That evening Monica and I cooked some yummy spaghetti (I think we could have fed the entire lodge!) and salad. One of the best things about 3 Bears is that every night they meet by the fire pit and cook smores for all the visitors! So we went down and ate LOTS of smores for dessert. We all definately got used to this nightly event :) We walked around Red River for a while after that and enjoyed the cool mountain air we had been so excited for.

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