Thursday, September 2, 2010

Red River ~ Day 3!!

On the third day of our mountain getaway, we woke up from a not-so-great night of sleep (thank you, Crockett and/in our queen size bed!) and ate some yummy french toast Aunt Mon made. After breakfast, we headed to the bunny slope where they had tubing. When we got there, we learned that you had to be 4 or older, which meant only John could do it. We were a little bummed, but as it turns out, it went pretty fast and I am not sure the little boys would have liked it too much! John went down the first time and his eyes were huge as he flew down the track... I think it went a little faster than he had expected! But after the first time, he loved it! He got to ride the little lift up then tube down 2 more times! He had a blast!

After tubing, we headed to the go-karts, but they were closed. We wandered around the river and played a little before going back to the cabin for lunch. After naptime, we went to try our luck at the go-karts again. Lucky for us, they had just opened! And so each of us, (me & Braidy, Crockett & Chris, John & Ryan, Monica taking pictures) got in our karts and went around and around the track. All 3 boys had SO MUCH FUN!

When go-karts were over, we headed to another playground one of our friends, Josh, who lives there, told us about. It was great! Not very many people, a little off the beaten track, shady, and tons of toys to play on! There were these really cool lounging swings that we all enjoyed and great slides... Kept everyone entertained for quite a while! The daddies even had a great time swinging... so much so that they reverted to their 10 year old selves and swung as high as possible and then JUMPED!!! Ryan did it first and jumped from so highed, caught some air and rolled when he hit the ground. Luckily, he wasn't hurt. Good thing because we were laughing SO, SO hard! Then it was Chris' turn... He jumped from so high up and immediately went straight down... hard. Monica thought he had broken a leg or an arm or both... but he didn't and it too was HILARIOUS! We laughed for about 10 minutes while they nursed their wounds. I think they were pretty sore that night! WOW. So funny. Before we went back to the cabin, we decided to drive up to the top of the mountain. Talk about beautiful. The views were breathtaking... literally. We were so high up and Monica and I (and Johnny too) were not real happy about driving up the fairly narrow road. After a little persuasion, Chris turned his pickup around so we could go back down, but not before we stopped and took some family pictures :)

That night we cooked fajitas with queso and had MORE smores for dessert. It was so good and a perfect way to end night #3 of our mountain adventure.

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