Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Red River ~ Day 2!!

We all got up the next morning and had a list of things we wanted to do. Ryan cooked eggs, bacon and biscuits for breakfast and once we were all ready we headed out. Fishing was 1st on the list! There were 2 ponds that we had heard about, so we tried them out... ALL MORNING LONG. The fish were not biting. Either that, or they just didn't want what we had (WORMS!). So after the not-so-successful morning of fishing, we decided to have lunch at The Lift House, where it was Taco Tuesday. The Lift House sits at the base of the chairlift where you can ski in and out. It was good, but the boys all started having meltdowns... so it was declared naptime.

After all of us napped (mommies and daddies included!) we went and played at the playground that was just down the street from our cabin. Then we found a hiking trail that was not very long or high up, but beautiful and went right along the river. Later in the day, all the guys put on their swim trunks and we played in the water... and rocks and sticks and dirt! Ryan took Braidy, and then John, across the water. They thought that was very cool. I think it made Monica just a tad bit nervous (Aunt Jess too), while Crockett was content to sit in the rocks and get his hands wet. I was thankful for that but am sure that will not satisfy his curiosity next year!

We cooked hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill outside for dinner. The little boys "fished" with their little fishing poles off of the patio while the big guys cooked. After dinner we headed down to the fire pit... AGAIN! I am missing those smores just thinking about them!! It was such a wonderful day, wonderful weather and wonderful company!

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