Sunday, July 22, 2012

Holliday, Here We Come!

Last weekend, Bowen got to take his first car trip! As soon as daddy got off work, we headed to Holliday for a fun, family and friend-filled weekend! As soon as we left Lubbock, Bowen fell asleep. Crocket... not so much! He did great, but talked the ENTIRE way :) Bowen did great! He finally woke up about Benjamin, so we only had about an hour to go. I fed him for a few minutes and then gave him his paci. He was such a trooper! We were all so glad to get to Mummer's house! On Friday, Crockett went with Daddy to run some errands, but really all he wanted to do was play with Rich! He asked about 200x, "Where's Rich?" They have so much fun together. Friday night was the family dinner. Everyone came to Mummer's house; Mimi came from Oklahoma, Kyle, Marla and Dylan came over, Brenda and Greg came, and FINALLY, Chad, Sara, Bella and Rich got there! The little boys immediately wanted to play! Everyone was SO excited to meet our sweet Bowen! He was such a good boy that night too :) Crockett loved playing with Bella, and she loved watching and shrieking at the big boys! I can't believe how much she has grown and how sweet she is. After dinner, Crockett and Rich went to Greg and Brenda's to play outside. It was such a beautiful evening! We had such a great time getting to see Mimi and I know Mimi LOVED getting to meet Bowen Barrett and see Crockett!
On Saturday, we got up and went out to the Parish to see Hotshot and Maryann. Crockett was so excited and had even packed his tunnel ('funnel') and nociars ('binoculars') to help call the cows just like Daddy and Hotshot :) He played outside a little bit, but it was so hot... He didn't last very long. Hotshot got to meet and hold Bowen. Bowen cried at first, but Hotshot started hummimg to him and he quit crying and just looked at Hotshot. It was so sweet. I know he will love Hotshot just as much as Crockett does. After we left, we went to town for a little while and back to Mummer's house. Crockett was SO TIRED, so we went home thinking we would all lay down for a bit... But shortly after we walked in, Brenda called to see if Crockett could go to "Chucky Cheeses" with Rich... How could we say no?!? He was SO excited! So, Greg, Brenda and Mummer took Crockett, Rich and Bella to play. They had so much fun and came back with pictures to prove it! Crockett had gotten his 2nd wind, so after we ate a bite, we went back to Greg and Brenda's and watched the boys SLIP N SLIDE! They had so much fun and put on quite the show :) And just when we thought Crockett could go anymore, we took him over to the Leggett's house. He was asleep as we pulled into their driveway, but he woke up and played with Hadley for a couple of hours. Leslie and Clint had Miss Chase Rebecca about a month before Bowen came along. We were so excited to see both of these babies here safe and sound. She was beautiful... Maybe Bowen's future girlfriend!?!?! Leslie and I got to visit and Chris and Clint hung out. We hadn't seen them in so long, so we all had such a nice visit. Definitely can't wait so long to see each other next time! Crockett was really SOUND ASLEEP by the time we got back to Mummer's house. What a long, busy, fun day we all had!
On Sunday morning we were so excited to get to see Grandpa Steve! He drove in from Dallas for the morning just to meet Bowen and see Crockett! He stayed and visited for a while, got to hold Bowen and talk to Crockett, so it was a wonderful visit! Greg, Brenda, Chad, Sara, Rich and Bella all came over for a little while. After a short visit, we all said our goodbyes... until next time, anyways! Kyle, Marla and Dylan joined us for lunch with Mummer before we packed up to head home.
We had such a lovely weekend. Everyone got to meet and hold our sweet Bowen. He was such a great sport, being held all weekend and passed from one person to the next. He did so good. Crockett always loves being in Holliday and he is already wanting to go back to Mummer's house :) So many special memories made! Until next time!!!

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