Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to Braidy!

It is so hard for me to believe that my nephew, Braidy Spencer Curry, has turned 4 years old! I still remember going up to the hospital as Monica and Ryan anxiously awaited his arrival, I remember holding him and loving on him when he was only days old, I remember helping celebrate his 1st birthday, and every one after that... It makes me sad how quickly he has grown, but more than that, I have LOVED watching him become the little boy he is! We began his birthday with donuts and candles at our house! He loved blowing out the candles :)
After playing for a while and eating ALL the donuts, Mon, Braidy and Quin went home for a while before we met up with LuLu and went to a very special lunch! Anyone who knows Braidy knows how much this child LOVES veggies and fruit! I mean he LOVES veggies and fruit :) So for his special birthday lunch, rather than going somewhere to play, we went to Bless Your Heart, where the birthday boy at all the fruit he wanted! He started with a small fruit cup, but wanted more when he was done, and since it was his birthday, Mon couldn't say no... so Braidy got a BIG fruit cup! He ate about half before the cup got knocked onto the floor :( I think he got his fill, though. He was a happy birthday boy :)
For dinner, Uncle Ryan and Aunt Mon cooked Braidy whatever he wanted and he picked FRIED SHRIMP!! We were lucky enough to get invited along with LuLu (Papaw was working) and Danielle and Tabor. The boys all played and had LOTS of fun while Uncle Ryan cooked the VERY YUMMY shrimp, green beans and baked potatoes. It was a very delicious meal. We ended the meal with a very special Cars ice cream cake! It was exactly what the birthday boy wanted! Braidy got lots of really fun presents. Chris, Crockett, Bowen, Rachy and I got him Cars 2 cars, which he was SO EXCITED TO GET!
Happy Birthday to my BIG 4 year old nephew, Braidy! We are so blessed to be able to share your BIG day with you! You are so special to us! We love you!

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