Friday, July 27, 2012

Crockett's Big Boy Bike!!

Crockett LOVES to ride Braidy's big boy bike. So, when Chris was outside watching him the other day, he asked him "Crockett, do you want a big boy bike?" and, of course, Crockett said "Oh YES!!" He has been such a great big brother and helper and has made this transition to a family of four like a pro, so I think he totally deserved it! Daddy got off of work pretty early one day last week, so we loaded up and went looking for a big boy bike! Crockett loved the Cars bike and we even found a helmet and bell to match! He was SO excited! (I think his Daddy was too :) Crockett couldn't wait for Daddy to get it put together, but as soon as he did, Crockett was off!! He is really good at it and LOVES to go FAST! There have only been a few minor spills, but he gets right back on. He loves to wear the helmet and often wears it even when he isn't riding! He also loves to ring the bell; you can hear him coming a mile away :) Now Crockett and Braidy both have big boy bikes and love to race! They are growing up SO fast!

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