Friday, July 15, 2011

Weatherford or BUST!!

In May, we (by we, I mean me, Crockett, LuLu, Monica, Braidy and Quin...) all piled in LuLu's car to go to Weatherford for our cousin Meredith's graduation. We all packed very light, but were stuffed in there with not much room to spare. After a bit of a slow start, we were off! It was not too bad of a trip, much easier than any of us expected. The boys watched their movies and slept and baby Quin was an angel!

When we got to Weatherford we checked in to our hotel and headed off to Uncle Tim and Aunt Darla's FARM!!! The boys could not have been MORE EXCITED! It was so great to see the Lowry's! We ate a delicious meal and kept the boys at the table as long as possible... and then they were off! As soon as they got outside, they saw a FROG! Shortly after that, Braidy saw a snake! We were off to an AWESOME start :) Uncle Tim took both boys on the 4-wheeler and they got to see the cows and tractors! That made Crockett's weekend:) He even took us to see some piggies! Crockett wasn't too sure of them, but Braidy loved them! They loved him too, even tried to eat his shorts!! We had a lot of fun that night!

The next morning was Mere's graduation. It was quite a morning even before we got there... not easy getting 3 boys and ourselves ready. When we finally got to graduation, me, Mom and Mon all got our goodie bags out and began our quest to keep the kids quiet. They really did pretty good.... for about the first 20 minutes... Then graduation began :) We made it until the row before Mere walked and then Crockett decided to take care of some stinky business... perfect timing :) So, he and I watched Mere walk from the doorway and then made our exit. Why, oh, why, do kids know the most inopportune times to do this?!?! Anyways, we all got to see our sweet Mere graduate, and that was the whole point of our trip. Congrats, Mere!!

After graduation, we went back out to the farm for a lunch they held in her honor. We all ate some delicious food and, of course, the boys were outside! They found their out of the gate and up the tree house, all without us knowing! The guests told us what a great time they were having... Monica and I about died. Those boys sure do keep us on our toes :) They could have played outside ALL DAY LONG! It was such a fun day of celebration with such a special part of our family.

On Sunday we all went to church. We decided to leave the 2 older boys in class while we packed up our hotel room. When I went to pick them up, their class was playing with sand, and Braidy was IN the sand :) We had lunch with the Lowry's and got ready to say our good-byes... But not before we rode the HORSE! Neither one of the boys wanted to get on by themselves, so the mommies got on there with them!

It was such a great weekend. I always love going back to Weatherford. It has such a special place in my heart. Weall have some truly wonderful memories of the people and places there and this weekend we made some wonderful, NEW memories... Can't wait to go back!!!

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