Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cousin Camp, Part 2

Crockett has been dying to see Braidy (It had been over a week since we saw him last :) so I decided it was time for Cousin Camp in Midland!! We met Mon, Braidy and Quin in Lamesa on Friday afternoon so Braidy could come to play for a while! After a quick bite to eat at Taco Villa, we were off! When we got to our house they immediately wanted to go swimming, so I promised after a nap, we could go swim. They were just too excited to sleep, so getting them to nap was a tad bit difficult, but it finally happened. Thank goodness! As soon as they woke up, we went to the pool! It was "yots of fun"!! After a fun swim, we went back home to meet Uncle Chris and play some more. They eventually made it outside to the backyard, which is filled with dirt... Which is HEAVEN for 2 little boys!! They played and played until we made them come in a take a bath. I have never seen such dirty little boys :) Bath time was just as much fun, with BUBBLES! There is just never a dull moment with these kiddos!

The next day, after an extremely LONG night (Thanks to Crockett) we just took it easy and were a little lazy. The boys have toys everywhere, they love the stairs, and they even found some of Crockett's toys we had stashed in his closet. They played so well together and only a couple of times did we have to get on to them to share. After lunch and a nap, for mommy too, we took them to see Winnie the Pooh! Braidy was so excited to go see a movie at the "BIG MOVIE"! We got each of them seated and got them their very own popcorn and drink... they thought that was pretty cool! They were SO good! In a theater full of crying, talking, wandering, chattering children, my 2 didn't hardly say one word! They both seemed to really enjoy the movie. It was only an hour, which was the perfect amount of time. If it had been any longer, they probably would have been running around with all the other kids :) After a little more playtime, we grabbed a bite to eat and headed to home to take a bath and get some sleep.

On Sunday, after a MUCH BETTER night of sleep, we had planned to meet Mon and Ryan to exchange Braidy... but he and Crockett weren't quite ready for that, so we decided to keep him one more day :) They played and played and swam, and played some more... I am sometimes amazed that they only need 1 two-hour nap! Uncle Chris played with the boys and even though Braidy kept saying "Don't get me", Uncle Chris really got Braidy pretty good :) He tickled and tickled them... I have never heard either one of them laugh so hard! It was such a wonderful noise.

I definitely think Cousin Camp Part 2 was a success! They had a great time and Chris and I love watching Braidy and Crockett play. Braidy is such a great kid (and says the funniest/cutest things!) and Crockett learns so much from him! How to pee standing up, for example :) These two are best buds and it warms my heart to see them together. We may have some sad little boys tomorrow, but Cousin Camp Part 3 probably isn't too far away!!

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The Curry's said...

I love these pictures and stories! I know Braidy had a wonderful time...because when we pulled up to the house he said "I don't want to go to Braidy's house! I wanted to go to Crockett's!" Thanks for letting him come stay and loving him so much! Ya'll are the best!