Saturday, July 16, 2011

Braidy Turns 3!!!

I cannot believe it has been 3 years since Braidy Spencer blessed our lives. It is so amazing to see how this little boy has grown from a teeny baby to a flown-blown little boy! He talks like one, and says the funniest things, plays like one and acts like one!

For his 3rd birthday party, Mon got smart and decided to have it at a fire station and an ice cream parlor. We all met at the fire station, where one of her good high school friends is a firefighter. All of the firefighters there were so kind to let the kids climb up on the truck and even "drive" :) They got to see the big water hose and try on their helmets. About half way through, they got a call and had to leave for a little while. It was pretty cool to see all jump in the truck to go. After they got back, Mon, Braidy, Justin and a couple of the other kids got to go up in the basket... WAY, WAY UP!!! It was pretty cool and I think the birthday boy LOVED it!!!

After the fire station, we headed to Holly Hop Ice Cream Shop. Such a cute little ice cream parlor where the kids all picked out ice cream or a sundae! YUM YUM!! They ate ice cream and cupcakes, Braidy opened presents, played music on a juke box and just ran around. Everyone had such a great time and it was SO MUCH EASIER than an at-home party! Braidy got some really fun presents and was so sweet to share with the other kids. It was such a wonderful party for such a special little 3 year old!

On Sunday, Braidy's actual birthday, we ate at my mom's house. Braidy got to decide what the menu would be. He picked broccoli, corn and steak! My kind of kid :) So we all ate and had a yummy ice cream cake! He got a couple more presents too! A pretty good way to end a 3 year old birthday celebration!

We love our DD SO SO much! Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet boy!!

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