Saturday, July 16, 2011

Father's Day Pt.1

For the first couple of days of Father's Day weekend, Crockett and I headed to Lubbock to see Poppa!! He and JJ were in town for part of the week and we hadn't seen them in such a long time, so it was a perfect opportunity! We went to Lubbock on Friday and went to the Curry's house. Nena and Pops were in town too, and we always love getting to see them! Mon and I decided to take the boys to Poppa's hotel and let them swim for a while before dinner. Crockett had never really gone swimming by himself. Braidy just jumped in and Crockett was much more cautious. He didn't even want to stand on the step! I finally just put him in the water and he finally decided he LOVED it! Mon thought he looked like a duck, just floating around! Ha! They had a BLAST! Poppa even got in with them, which they thought was AWESOME! After swimming, we went back to the Curry's for some dinner. Rachy even joined us a little later :) We all had a great time visiting and watching the boys play!

On Saturday, Dad and I got up and went to play tennis. I have always loved playing tennis with my dad. He beats me every time, but one day I will get him!! It was so lovely at 8:30, about 75 degrees... perfect weather! We played for a while and went for a very yummy breakfast. After naps, we let the boys swim again. Johnny got to go with us this time and he loved it when Poppa would throw him across the pool. Poppa is lots of FUN :) While everyone else went to a wedding, the Curry's and me and Crockett ate very delicious Orlando's pizza and played for a while before calling it a night... It was a very fun, very long day!

On Sunday, Crockett and I headed home to see Chris and cook him a very special meal!!

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