Saturday, June 5, 2010

Long Time, No Blog

I cannot believe I have not blogged in over a month... so much has happened!
#1 ~ Crockett is walking! He started walking right after Easter, and has not sat down since! He definately keeps me on my toes and is constantly finding new things to get into. Today he was up on the window seat, scaling the window! Kayleigh (my oldest neice)was calling him a "spider monkey" - a combo of spiderman and monkey :) I think she was right.
#2 ~ He has curly, curly hair! The top and back will just form these ringlets whether I have brushed it or not... most of the time it looks like I have not, but I do! The hair at the nape of his neck is straight. Chris used to have curly hair at this age and when I found a picture of Chris at 1 year, they look EXACTLY alike. Pretty cute.
#3 ~ Crockett, LuLu and I went to Weatherford to visit my Uncle Tim, Aunt Darla, Meredith, Kathryn, Keenan and Shiela. I was so mad that I forgot my camera, but we had a WONDERFUL time! Crockett still LOVES cows and he got to go check them with Uncle Tim on his 4-wheeler. He didn't want to get off... it was so cute, Uncle Tim kept coming up with things they could go do on the 4-wheeler. We got to see 2 of Mere's piggies. They were clean and cute and Crockett thought they made funny sounds, but he was still not too sure what to think of them. We had such a great time and loved getting to spend time with all of the Lowry's. Shiela was my Papo's special friend and she showed us all the old cars and the old schoolroom at the museum. It is such a neat place. We had to pry Crockett out of the car (Model A Ford). I am glad we were the only ones in there... he just honked the horn over and over... It was a great getting to spend time with LuLu too!!!
#4 ~ We started swimming lessons! It is a mommy and me class and we are taking it with Brandi and Cade Luig. It is so much fun and the boys have had lots of fun splashing and playing with us in the water. So far we have been working on blowing bubbles and kicking and floating. Crockett wouldn't do much of it in the water at our last class, but last night he started blowing bubbles in the bathtub and would kick his legs on command. It is so much fun watching him learn new things and then seeing the proud look on his face :) PRICELESS!
#5 ~ Crockett is a talker! Oh my goodness! He will talk and talk and it sounds as if you should know exactly what he is saying! Just within the last couple of weeks he has begun to say words. He now says night, night, ball, mama, dada, shoes, juice, bye bye. When he says ni, ni it just melts my heart... I could listen to it on repeat <3
#6 ~ He is FINALLY sleeping through the night!!! Halleluia!! One night all three of us were in our bed and not one of us slept. I decided that night it was going to be worth it to just let him cry it out. It was awful. He cried for 2 hours the first night, but after that it was less and less crying. Now we have a special bedtime routine and he is in bed by about 8:30. He sleeps most of the night and will sometimes sleep until 10:30 in the A.M. He is definately my child :)
#7 ~ Crockett and I went to Dallas last weekend to help move Rachy into her new apartment. Poppa's birthday is June 3rd, so we also got to have an early birthday celebration! It was a good weekend and I am so glad we could help. I had forgotten how terrible it is to move... especially in 100 degree heat with a 14 month old. Rachy was very patient with us and Crockett was very good all things considered. The Curry's were there to visit their new nephew, Noah. Todd and Marci came (Noah's mommy and daddy), Aunt Anne, Aunt Susan, Uncle Mike, T-Pa and D-Ma, JJ... It was lots of fun and Braidy and Johnny showed Crockett the pool and how to put his hand (and their heads! hahaha) in the water and open the doors. It was crazy! But so good to see everyone! AND by the way, on July 1st, we will get to find out if we will have another Baby Boy Curry or Baby Girl Curry! Mon and Ryan, I think it is a girl... YAY!!!
#8 ~ Since the weather has gotten so nice, Crockett wants to be outside ALL THE TIME! He is all boy and wants to play in the dirt and rocks and with sticks... Chris tells me it is just a matter of time until it is bugs and snakes. Ugh, I hope not... Not my sweet baby boy :) He loves his wagon and would probably sleep in it if I would let him. I still need to get his sandbox and picnic table outside. Maybe once harvest is over and Chris is here I will get that done. Then he will really never want to come in!

Crockett is growing up so fast. I stay so busy, but can never tell you exactly what I do over the course of a week. I spend most of my time chasing a very energetic 14-month old around... it is a full-time job, but I love him so much. It has been such an exciting time watching him grow and learn and become this little boy.


Hext Family said...

LOVING his hair!!!! SO CUTE! Hurry up and come to Lubbock!

Ashley Gonzenbach said...

yes! His hair is awesome!!! haha, Adam loves it. He is adorable and Congrats, Crockett on walking!