Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gone Swimming!

Last night was our last night of swimming lessons. Crockett and Cade (and their mamas!) had such a GREAT time playing and swimming together! They both learned how to splash, kick, blow bubbles, jump off the ledge and they even got dunked a few times :) Crockett was the king of the bubble blowing and Cade was the splash king. They are so precious playing together and are building a great friendship! Crockett even chased Cade a couple of times to give him a BIG hug and kiss... their daddies were not impressed, but it was HILARIOUS, and he kisses pretty much everyone these days :) Their teacher, Sylvia, was such a sweet and patient lady. Crockett really liked her and ALWAYS wanted to go to her in the water! We are so glad we did these mommy and me lessons and can't wait to do them again next year! I bet these boys will be little fishes by next summer!

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Brooke said...

Aww! Such great pics! Now get yourself on the tennis court! I miss you! :)