Friday, July 16, 2010

Lowry Family Reunion

Every 3 years, the Lowry family (my mom's family) comes together to celebrate their past, present and future. At the last reunion, my dear grandfather, Papo, was still with us, Chris and I were just married, Monica and Ryan were engaged... it amazes me to think of all that has happened in the last 3 years. This time the reunion was in Oklahoma City. Chris, Crockett and I were all there, Monica, Ryan and Braidy, LuLu and Papaw... everyone but Rachy, who was really missed! We had a great time catching up with cousins, meeting new relatives and reminiscing our loved ones who are no longer with us. All of us (and Uncle Tim and Aunt Darla) went to the Science Museum on Saturday, which was SO MUCH FUN! There was tons of stuff to do. The boys had a GREAT time and all the adults had a really good time too! Crockett loved riding in the tractor and playing with the bubbles and water. Braidy painted his own face :), rode a scooter and went up in the tree house with me. Crockett and I slid down a huge slide, but neither one of us liked it too much! We had a banquet on Sat. night. It was crazy with a bunch of little kids running around, but it was very nice. Kathryn, Keenen and Meredith were able to make it for the banquet, so it was fun to talk with them and catch up. They also really enjoyed being entertained by the boys :) On Sun. we had Church, ate lunch and decided to head home. We had planned on staying for fireworks, but God had other plans. It was POURING as we drove home... So no fireworks for us this year :(

Since the reunion, I have decided to begin learning about my family's history. The Lowry family has kept a pretty good record for about the last 220 years. I am so excited to learn more about where I came from and all about my ancestors. So far I have learned that the Lowry's are from Ireland and arrived in Amerinca on July 5, 1776, the day after the Declaration of Independence was signed. I am so anxious to learn more about their journey to Weatherford, OK and all of the people that have made up the legacy we are now familiar with.

We had such a great time and will definately look forward to the next Lowry family reunion 2013!

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