Monday, July 19, 2010

Braidy Turns 2!!

It is hard to believe that on July 10, my sweet little nephew, Braidy Spencer, turned 2! I remember being at the hospital, waiting in the hallway to go see his precious face. He was so tiny and perfect! We have had the BEST time watching this little man go from teeny-tiny baby, to a walking, talking little boy! He is such a ray of sunshine who brightens my day whenever I see that smile or hear all of the funny things he says. Crockett loves his cousin and there is nothing better than watching those two boys love on each other, tackle each other and play together. Happy Birthday, sweet Braidy! We love you!!

We went to Lubbock on Thursday to help Monica prepare for Braidy's Bug Birthday, but the night before we left, Crockett began running a high fever. We went ahead and drove to LBK the next day, but he and Braidy couldn't see each other yet... I think we were all a little bummed. But on Friday, Crockett was as good as new, so we went to see the Curry's new house to play with Braidy and Johnny. They jumped on the trampoline and drove Briady's car, played in the tent and found all kinds of toys to get into. We had dinner (Orlando's pizza ~ YUM!) at the Curry's that night with Poppa, JJ and Rachy, who had just gotten into town. I even got to have a girls night with my dear friend, Valerie and her sister, Marci! We stayed out WAY to late, but it was SO MUCH FUN!!! I miss girl's night out, especially with VAL :)
Saturday was the big party! Chris came in that morning, and Crockett was SO excited to see his Daddy! At the party, all the kids went on a bug hunt outside, jumped, played, ate trailmix, cupcakes and dirtcups... it was LOTS of fun! It was a little too much for the birthday boy, who really just wanted to play. He got a new kitchen/grill to cook in and tons of Toy Story toys, bubbles and some new boots - among many other things! After the party was over Braidy and Crockett stripped down and had a great time with the bubbles (and suds) Uncle Todd made. Neither one of them would let us change their diapers. They were drooping down to their knees, but they were having a BLAST! Crockett earned his new nickname "TrailMix" that day... I have NEVER seen a kid eat so much trailmix! And he learned about his love of Dr. Pepper from his cousin. They sure were happy though! :)
On Sunday, LuLu, Papaw, Chris, Crockett and I joined the Curry's (including Ryan's parents, Dan and Roz, and his brother Todd) for lunch. Dan and Roz did the cooking... fried shrimp, new potatoes, corn, salad.... It was DELICIOUS!! It was Braidy's birthday lunch - the boy LOVES some shrimp! Later that evening, LuLu, Crockett and I met the Curry's at Sheridan's for some custard. The boys all LOVED it! Crockett had it ALL over him and Braidy was drinking it out of his cup... when his was all gone, he told his mommy "More?" and she gave him the rest of hers :)
On Monday we went with Lulu, Mon and Braidy to SugarBakers (YUM!) for lunch and then went home for a nap. Later, I was at the grocery store and I got a phone call from Monica. When I answered it, no one said anything. After a minute, I said "Braidy?" and the little voice on the other end said "Crockett come ovah?" it was soooo cute! So, I ended up going to pick Braidy up so he and Crockett could play some more before we left the next day. They played in the pool in Lulu's backyard and had a BLAST!
It was such a F-U-N few days! We love hanging out with LuLu and Papaw and the Curry's. And it was even better since Rachy, Poppa and JJ were all there too! We can't wait to see our cousins again! Maybe they will come play at our house soon ;)

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The Curry's said...

Braidy asks for Crockett on an hourly basis. We will be there before too long. Sweet post with lots of cute pictures. We had so much fun and LOVE our boots!