Monday, July 19, 2010

Silly Boy!!

Tonight after we finished dinner, Chris had some work to do, so Crockett and I went outside to play in the sandbox and on his new slide! The pool is out too, but I thought between the other toys I wouldn't have to worry about him getting in it. WRONG! I turned around to get my camera and he was sitting in the pool.... shoes and all!!! He had the best time and went from the slides to the pool more than once. He was pretty proud of himself!


Sara Stone said...

That is just too cute! It's so funny what they do sometimes, things like that are what makes childhood amazing. Afterall, when we get in a swimming pool with all our clothes on people just think we are nuts!

We miss ya'll so much!

The Reynolds said...

OMG! Crockett is so cute Jess!!!!! He is growing so fast! And I love, love, love his cute hair!!!!