Thursday, April 22, 2010


For Easter this year, we went to Church in Holliday and then to Grandmaw's house to eat with all the family and hunt Easter eggs! It is pretty much tradition around here to go to Grandmaw's house for any, and all, holidays. Grandmaw was there, of course, MiMi was there, and Uncle Casey, Aunt Amie and Kayleigh, Emily, Nathalie, Kyle, Marla, Dylan, Kylee, Shirley and Ken... It was a full house. We always have so much food and this Easter was no exception! Crockett was a lot of fun this year. He found a few eggs and rode around with MiMi. Can't believe it was only a year ago when he was such a tiny baby in his sweet 1st Easter outfit. He got lots of goodies from mom and dad, LuLu and Papaw, and Poppa and JJ and Grandmaw... the kid made out like a bandit. His cousins got most of the eggs this year, but next year, I bet he gives them a run for their money :) It was a wonderful day and reminded us how thankful we are for the blessings God bestows upon us daily.


Brooke said...

You are so right. We are truly blessed! I just love his little Easter vest! Blake wore one this year also!

valbrown said...

cute pics! Crockett is getting so big :)