Monday, September 9, 2013

T-Ball Party Time!!

To celebrate the end of the t-ball season and all the awesome Yankee players, the coaches had a skating party for the team! It was such a fun way to end the season and let all of the kids know how proud we were of them. We all went to the oldest skating rink in Lubbock. Literally, all the parents were talking about how WE had our parties there when we were kids!! SO funny :) Crockett had never skated before and although he didn't stick with it for very long, he did really good! They had all kinds of scooters and cars for the babies too! It was such a good time. We all had hot dogs and cake. The works.  We were so blessed to be on such a great team our first year. Crockett loved Coach Juan and Coach Javier and they were so sweet to him. They both exhibited such patience, love, kindness and pride for all of the players. What a fun way to end the season!!

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