Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Braidy turns 5!!!!

It is so hard to believe that one of my very favorite little boys is now 5, and not really that little anymore :( Braidy Spencer turned 5 on July 10 and we were SO excited to help celebrate!!! We began the day with our traditional donuts! I think it was breakfast #2 for him, but you can't start a BIRTHDAY without donuts!! We all sang Happy Birthday and let him blow out the candles. It was a great start to a very special day! After a little playtime, we all went home to get ready for Braidy's special lunch. He could pick ANYWHERE he wanted and, it was no surprise to us, but he wanted Bless Your Heart! This kid LOVES fruit. (I think he has eaten entire watermelons at my house before) And Bless Your Heart has fruit... by the cup-full. He is in heaven :) Such a funny kid! After we all enjoyed our lunch, and Braidy had his fill of fruit, Mon took all of the big boys to go see Despicable Me 2.

That evening Braidy had a PIRATE party! He had been telling me about his PIRATE party since Crockett's birthday, and he never wavered on what he wanted :) It was so much fun!! The kids got to go on a treasure hunt and found treasure, tattoos and a piƱata! Everyone had a great time. Braidy got lots of great "treasures" for his birthday. We got him a cowboy hat and some spurs and a "Braidy" chair, Lulu got him some new boots, he got TONS of toys and a NEW BIKE! I would say that was a wonderful way to celebrate turning 5!!

Happy 5th Birthday to my smart, ornery, sweet, silly, playful, funny nephew Braidy!! We love you so much and had so much fun celebrating YOU!!

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