Monday, September 9, 2013

I wanna be a COWBOY

Crockett has always been my little cowboy. He loves wearing boots, a belt, jeans and a cowboy hat just like his daddy. He loves looking at tractor magazines, feeding the cows and riding in the back of daddy's pickup. He is just Chris, about 29 years ago. And I LOVE that. He has been dying to go to a rodeo lately, so when the Post Stampede Rodeo was going on, Chris just knew he had to take him. He got all dressed up and was SO excited to be going. Crockett decided he wanted to do the Calf Scramble, so Chris lifted him over the stands and he ran out there like he knew exactly what he was doing. Neither one of us could believe he just ran out there like he did, but I think he was just in his element. He didn't get it, but he did get pretty close to a calf! He loved the "buckin' bulls" and had to go elbow his way to the front row to get a real good look at those bulls. That little cowboy makes my heart so happy :) Love the bond these two have. What a fun 1st Rodeo!!

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