Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bella's 1st Birthday!

On January 19th, our cousin Bella, turned ONE!!!! We were so excited that they decided to have a birthday party in Holliday to celebrate! Sara, Chad, Rich and Bella live in Burleson, so we are not always able to make it to parties there. Holliday is our half-way meeting point :) Everyone came over to Mummer's house to eat some YUMMY Branding Iron BBQ. It is everyone's favorite! Bowen decided he couldn't take anymore fun and took a little catnap in the middle of all the madness. (Actually he pretty much passed out on Kylee :) But that didn't stop all the little/big kiddos from playing! Nathalie and Crockett were up to their usual mischief. Those two are DOUBLE TROUBLE! They have so much fun playing together, though! And they really don't cause that much trouble! Emily was Crockett's horse, Barbecue, for a little while. He is such a funny kid and she is such a great sport! Rich and Crockett danced to some bulldozer music (HILARIOUS!!) and Kayleigh kept everyone in line, while catching all of us up on her crazy, busy schedule! I love all these kids so much and love the fact that they have such a great time together! We all had birthday cake. It was really for Bella, but Brenda was sweet to put mine and Casey's name on there too! We had such a great time celebrating sweet Bella Maree! It is hard to believe she is already 1!?! Happy 1st Birthday, Bella!! What a FUN celebration!

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