Friday, February 22, 2013

I Like You S'MORE Everyday!

I love being able to go watch and help with Crockett's parties at school. For the Valentine's party, we (I made his Valentine's. He couldn't have cared less, except for eating the chocolate!) made some cute little Valentine's that I found on pinterest. He LOVES S'mores and I liked that they said "like" and not "love". Weird, I know. They turned out so cute!! At the party, the kids got to eat pizza and then decorate cookies. We gave each child a small cup of icing and another one filled with sprinkles. All the moms had a little bet to see who's child would eat just the icing first.... And guess who WON!?!?! Crockett ate his pizza and immediately dumped his sprinkles on his icing and began licking it until it was all gone. Of course he wasn't the only kiddo to do it, just the first. Mrs. Ford has never been so excited to send them all home :) They were all a bit wired! They all got balloons to take home, along with all their valentine's from their friends. It is so fun to see how they have all grown and become friends over the year. It was a very fun, sweet Valentine's Day party!!

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