Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bowen Barrett - 8 months old!

WOW. Here we are, another month milestone for my baby! I am about a week behind, but we were still in the midst of RSV on February 14th. So everything just had to wait. I feel like we have taken a few steps back this past month, in terms of his weight and developmental milestones, but I feel like now that we are well, he will get back on track. And to be quite honest with you, a slow-down is okay with me. I got lots of extra snuggles and rocking time this month, and even though it was because he was sick, I treasure it. It doesn't happen very often otherwise.

Bowen, you are still in size 3 diapers and wearing some 6-12 month clothes, but they are all short on you. I have gotten all the 12-18 month clothes out now and they fit you pretty well. I took you out of your nap nanny after the flu, but when you got RSV, Dr. G suggested we put you back in it. So, we have taken it away AGAIN, and are starting from scratch. You are only sleeping about 2 hours at a time, which is killing me, but I think you will slowly stretch it out once you are used to your crib again. Nights have never been your thing anyways, but I would love it if we could work on that :) You are still working on your top 2 teeth. They are right there, we can see them, they just aren't through yet. I think this is part of the problem too. You are also on the verge of crawling. You get up on all 4's and will rock and move backwards, but you haven't quite figured out how to go forward. It won't be long. You will be into everything, so I am enjoying our last days of immobility :) You are the happiest baby. You don't like it when you cannot see me, but you will still go to just about anyone with a smile on your face. We kind of quit baby food while you were sick. You had no interest in it. But now you are eating with a vengeance! I will give you fruit for lunch and a veggie for dinner. You seem to like most of it. You still make a HUGE mess and slap the spoon out of my hand constantly. Drives me crazy, but makes you laugh :) You are a VERY talkative little guy and love to hear your own voice. You will shriek and make lots of different sounds and you LOVE to say MAMAMAMA!!! (You said this 1st :) and a couple of days later we heard DADADADA!!!! We were both SO excited and love to hear you say either word (even if you are not sure what you are saying! HA!) Your big brother is your best bud. He is very protective of you and you think he is hilarious. I love to see you together. Melts my heart. Especially when Crockett puts his arm around you and says "Momma, Look at us" with his funny/serious face. These are the days.

You are changing so much every day and becoming your own little person. You have the sweetest smile and it is the most contagious smile I have ever seen. Watching you blossom and grow is the greatest thrill of my life. I am so lucky you are mine. We love you, Bowen Barrett

This 'photo session' was MUCH MORE DIFFICULT  that the previous ones. I think you can tell by the pictures that my subject was not very cooperative. If he wasn't eating the blocks, it was the sticker. He was pretty determined :)

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