Friday, January 25, 2013


I celebrated my 33rd birthday on Wednesday. I haven't especially been looking forward to it, but not really dreading it either. It is just another day now, except that I know we will get to eat lunch at Sugarbakers :) So that is what I look forward to! ha! So this year, I took Crockett to school and went to get my FREE coffee at Starbucks (another highlight!) I had planned on being ready for the day before I took Crockett to school, but we opted to sleep kind of late, so I just took my time getting ready instead. My mom, Mon and I (and Bowen and Ryker) went to eat at Sugarbakers at 11, which was SO nice! It is always delicious and without 3 small children, it was very enjoyable! (Although I LOVE all 3 of those small children!) At lunch, Mom, Mon and Rach surprised me with my gift of a massage, mani and pedi at the Woodhouse at 1! I have needed some 'me time' in a bad way lately and I was beyond thrilled! This was such a great surprise and I am so thankful for such thoughtful and generous sisters and momma. My mom came over and kept Bowen and Crockett so I could be 'off-duty' for the afternoon. The massage, mani and pedi were ABSOLUTE HEAVEN. That with a few mimosas, a little lite adult conversation, and head-to-toe pampering made for such a fabulous day. When I returned home, I was surprised with gorgeous flowers from my sweet hubby and boys. I was so excited and they were really beautiful. For dinner we went to LuLu and Papaw's house. We had yummy steaks, potatoes, salad and a mouth-watering chocolate cake from Sugarbakers. If it weren't for trying to eat really healthy, I would have devoured the entire thing. It was that good. All in all, my just-another-day-birthday, turned out to be such a wonderful day. I am truly blessed by all the special people in my life. I went to sleep knowing that this 33rd year is going to be a really good one. I am a very lucky gal.

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