Friday, January 18, 2013

Little Man Down

While I tried everything I knew to do (flu shots, constantly washing hands, sanitizer, etc), the flu got us. And by us, I mean my sweet little Bowen. It started suddenly, at about 3:00 a.m. on Sunday, January 6. I took his to the clinic that afternoon, along with half of the children in Lubbock, thinking that it was an ear infection or something. I knew the flu was going around, but he was the last one of us I expected to get it. The sweet nurse told me she was going to test him and about 5 minutes she told me it was positive. I wanted to cry. She gave him some motrin, which did wonders, and they prescribed Tamiflu for Bowen and Crockett. After the Dr. office, we got medicine and I prepared myself for a VERY long week. When Bowen woke up a little later, he was fever-free... and he, surprisingly, stayed that way all week! I couldn't believe how tough he was. That nasty flu big couldn't handle my healthy baby, Bowen! And then on Friday morning, after waking up every hour, he began to feel hot again. So we went BACK to the Dr. office thinking he was having secondary infections (ears, throat) from the flu. His temp was back up to 102 but everything was clear. The flu was back. It started on Friday and lasted until Monday. He ran 102 temp everyday and just felt terrible. It was awful and there just wasn't anything I could do besides giving him tylenol, motrin and letting him sleep. He finally began to feel better on Tuesday. Praise the Lord. Babies really shouldn't even be able to get sick. We are all so thankful to have healthy babies and to have doctors who take such good care of them when they do get sick. We are very fortunate. It was such a long week for all of us. I am so glad Bowen is back to his old self. I sure missed his smiles and giggles.

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