Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lubbock or Leave It

A couple of weekends ago, Crockett and I headed west to Lubbock for a little visit. This is a very busy time of the year for Chris so he wasn't able to join us this time (plus, we went in the middle of the week :). We didn't really have anything on the itenerary, but we managed to find a few things! LuLu had to work on Friday so Crockett and I met Monica and Braidy for lunch at SugarBakers (my FAVE!!). It was delicious :) Braidy ate the icing off of a cookie and Monica and I somehow made room for a mississippi mud brownie after our Santa Barbara sandwiches! Poor Crockett got a little left out, but he did sit in a big boy highchair! (I feel like he will probably make up for it next time we go since he is now eating just about anything!) It was beautiful outside so we took all 3 boys in the backyard to play and swing.... they all got so dirty, but had a blast! John had farm day at school that day, so he was asking me lots of questions about Chris' tractors. It was SO cute! That night, LuLu got to feed Crockett peas, which he ate all gone for her... although he did gag several times and she even got to see him in motion! Still no forward action, but he was definatley moving! We all watched the Tech game on Saturday... They WON!! All the boys were decked out in their Tech best :) I tried to get a picture, with John's help... but getting Braidy and Crockett to sit still for longer than about 5 seconds is impossible! On Sunday, one of my best friends, Valerie, came by to see Crockett and I before we headed back home. We always have such a great time catching up and seeing each other. She is such a special person to me. I was definately ready to go home by Sunday... I just hate being away from Chris for too long, and I know he hates being away from us. We always have such a great time in Lubbock and enjoy spending time with our family and friends!

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