Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy 88th Birthday, T-Pa!!

T-Pa, D-Ma and great-grandson #2!
Aunt Rachy and her 2 favorite boys!

Brothers & Sisters! (Aunt Maggie is on the phone!)

Dad & Jan with Baby Crockett!

All the cousins with T-Pa

Four Generations!

All three sisters with the boys!

T-R-O-U-B-L-E aka Braidy :)

Crockett and Uncle Logan

Crockett and Grandpa

Auntie Rae Rae did this!!

Last weekend, Crockett and I packed up and headed South for T-Pa's 88th birthday celebration! We drove to Dallas, picked up Rachy and then went to the airport to get Mon and Braidy! It was so much fun for the three of us, plus our boys, to be together. We went to Chipotle for lunch and then to Sprinkles (YUMMY!) for dessert! I got the best pumpkin cupcake EVER and I even shared a little with Crockett! I think he is going to have my sweet tooth :) We met Dad and Jan for lunch on Saturday and then us girls set out to NorthPark for a little retail therapy. I love to shop and I must say, shopping with 2 babies, in the most crowded mall ever, is NOT fun! I didn't get anything, lost my sister and baby for about 30 minutes (and FREAKED OUT!) and missed nap time... definately not worth it! Next time I am going by myself :)

Saturday evening we all went to T-Pa's party. Almost the whole family was there (that doesn't happen very often!), the food was WONDERFUL and it was so much fun to catch up! Aunt Susan did ALL of the cooking and definately out-did herself... I think T-Pa and Braidy enjoyed the shrimp the most, but we were all STUFFED when we left! The cake was SO good!! I think Grandpa shared some of that with Crockett too :) I think one of the highlights of the evening (besides the birthday boy!) was when Braidy went missing... we couldn't find him anywhere! I finally looked in the guest bathroom, even though the light was off and the door was mostly shut... and what did I find??? BRAIDY pulling every bit of toilet paper off of the roll and onto the floor! It was the funniest thing ~ I died laughing!! Luckily, I found him BEFORE all of it went into the toilet! Monica is afraid she will never be invited back.... I know she is wrong :)

It was such a great celebration and I know T-Pa loved every minute of it! We love you very much and are so lucky to have your as our grandpa and great-grandpa!

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