Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Aunt Darla!!

My sweet Aunt Darla turned the B-I-G 50 at the end of June! Her daughters, Kathryn and Meredith, and my sweet Uncle Tim decided to have a SURPRISE party for her, and of course we wouldn't miss it!!!! Mom, Crockett, Bowen and I all drove to Weatherford early Sunday morning, June 30. All in all, the drive was pretty good. Crockett asked, "Is that Uncle Timmy's farm?" about 10000 times :) We were all happy to arrive at our destination. We got there just in time to say hello and wait for the guest of honor to arrive. When they walked through the door, we all yelled "SURPRISE!!!" and it was obvious by the look on her face, that she was truly surprised! Crockett immediately went to Uncle Timmy. It was so great to see everyone!!! We all ate some snacks, homemade ice cream and raspberry limeade cake. It was delish!!! The boys had a great time running around Mary and Ed's perfect backyard and playing with Meredith. Crockett loved their garden and flowers. He even brought some to me!! (With Meredith's help and permission :) It was a beautiful evening to celebrate such a special person. We spent the evening with everyone and went out to the farm the next day. Uncle Tim let Crockett DRIVE the combine!!! It was pretty cool! He did a really good job ALL BY HIMSELF! They went for a drive on the 4-wheeler and the semi. Then we went to Kathryn and Keenen's house, where Crockett and I got to bottle feed their calves. I liked it more than Crockett did. Poor Bowen missed out on the fun and took a nap in the car. After a quick lunch and a visit to Memo and Papo's grave, we had to go. It was a very quick trip, but we had a great time. Happy Birthday to my sweet Aunt Darla!!!

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