Thursday, July 11, 2013

Gone swimming!!

I feel like I am in constant 'catch-up mode' these days, but I guess better late than never, right!?!

Crockett was lucky enough to get to take swimming lessons from Coach Donny this summer. Coach Donny has been teaching swimming lessons for years and years, and has a reputation for getting kids swimming. Last summer Crockett didn't really even want to get his face wet. We did swimming at the Y, and he was doing better toward the end, but I had no idea how this year would be.

HE DID AWESOME!!!! We were in a class with 2 other little boys and they all got along great and had a good time together. Crockett had SO much fun!! He swam, floated on his back, dove for turtle eggs (and was even the 'turtle champion' :), did dolphin dives and jumped off the diving board!!! He totally surprised me and made me so proud! He was not scared at all! Doing CANNONBALLS off the diving board was his favorite!! He listened to Coach Donny and did exactly what he was told to do (most of the time). On Thursdays, the boys got to slide which was a great reward for doing such a great job. By the time lessons were over, each of the boys had made such improvements. They were all swimming so much better than when they began. I was so proud of the huge strides Crockett made. Coach Donny was so good, patient and fun with all the boys. We loved him. What a difference a year has made!

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