Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bowen Barrett's 1st Haircut

As if turning one wasn't hard enough on a momma, it was time to get a haircut :( I had been holding out until he turned one, but once that day came and went, I knew it was time. His hair was so adorable, but it was slightly mullet-ish in the back... And that is NEVER good. I took him to Sports Clips when it was just the two of us. I had no idea how he was going to do, and I remember how traumatic Crockett's 1st real haircut was, so I was all his. We got there and this boy was SO good. He sat there all by himself, and he didn't really like the cape covering his arms, but we gave him a sucker to hold on to and he was all good. He had to have a sucker in his mouth too, and I had to replace them a couple of times, but that is why they are there, right?!?! He did great and he looks adorable. So stinkin' cute. And like such a big boy :)

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