Thursday, August 16, 2012

Poppa's House!

After a long, hot Lubbock summer, we decided it was time to get away. So, on Thursday, Monica and I loaded Crockett, Braidy, Quin and Bowen in the car (along with a TON of other stuff) and we headed South toward Poppa and JJ's house. Chris and Ryan came too, they just started their trip several hours later than us. WHo can blame them for wanting to drive by themselves!?! The boys were so great in the car. They played, slept, watched a movie and made it about 5 hours before they got really restless. We stopped in Kerrville to grab a bite to eat at Cracker Barrel and rest for a bit. When it was time to go, we looked outside and it was POURING! We all got to run in the rain, which the boys loved. By the time Mon and I got some gas, a treat for the boys and Starbucks for us, it had stopped raining... Thank goodness! We were so glad to FINALLY make it to Poppa's house! The boys played for a little while and then we were ready for bed because we had a BIG, FUN day ahead of us! On Friday, the boys were so excited to run around with Poppa. By the time Chris, Bowen and I got going (every night is a long night with my sweet baby :) Crockett, Braidy and Quin had helped Poppa feed the deer and check the water in the pool. They really wanted to get in, but before we could get IN the pool, we went fishing! The boys were so excited to fish, but when we got there, it was the daddy's and Poppa that ended up doing most of the fishing. The boys were perfectly content playing amongst the trees, dirt and rocks. The Curry boys LOVED playing with the worms too... Not Crockett. Not so much. Afraid he got that from me. Maybe one day he will be a worm boy! After not so much luck fishing, and a couple of wasp bites for Uncle Ryan :( we headed home. Hot and sweaty. Now it was time for the pool!
We had such a great time in the pool! Quinny, and even Bowen, got to swim for a little while before it was nap time. Braidy swam like a little fish, without his floaties! He did SO good! And Crockett was jumping in like a pro after getting used to the water. He completely surprised me and Chris by being so daring! His swimming lessons have really paid off! The water felt SO good. It was probably about 90 degrees! We all stayed in the pool for almost 3 hours. Poppa and Bowen got a little one on one time after he woke up so I could stay in the pool with Crockett. Sure was sweet! We all had a BLAST! Made for some super tired little people that night!
On Saturday, we had a delicious breakfast of waffles and then headed out on our next adventure! We all loaded up in search of Serengheti. After a small detour, we found it! They have a giraffe, zebras, a camel, ostrich and lemurs which you go see on golf carts. There was quite a wait for a golf carts and we found out that they didn't have hoods on the golf carts, and it was about 100 degrees outside. I was going to sit inside their very cool dining area with Bowen while everyone else went in search of animals. It was such a neat place with tons of stuffed animal heads, a HUGE great dane that the kids got to pet, and a not-so-kid-friendly cat (who bit Braidy!). It really was a cool place! While we were all waiting, all the animals came by to see us, so we decided we did not need to take a golf cart to see the animals... We all left hot, sweaty and happy! It was really fun to see all the animals! Maybe we will go back in January :)
When we got back to the house, it was lunch time and then pool time! The little boys took a nap while Crockett, Braidy and all us girls went swimming! None of the guys got in with us... they were all SUPER sunburned from the day before and they had some other things to do. We all just kind of hung out all afternoon. Mon took the boys for a gator ride, they played with their toys, the guys (and Quinny) all took a dip in the pool and then we all got ready to go to Antlers for dinner. On the way to Antlers, I drove Mon, Chris and Ryan in dad's convertible, which was SO FUN, while Poppa and JJ took my car with ALL the boys. Both of the big boys were asleep when we arrived at our destination... Luckily they woke up without a big fuss. There was a great playground at the restaurant for them to play on and even a stage, where Crockett sang "Jesus Loves Me" and did a little dance :) Good times!
On Sunday, we woke up and had another DELICIOUS breakfast and packed up to go home. We all had such a wonderful time, as always. I know it is a lot to have ALL of us, but Poppa and JJ are such great sports about everything! :) It is so fun getting to watch all these boys play with Poppa... and I think Poppa thinks it is pretty fun too! I always love catching up with my dad, especially since we don't get to see him nearly as often as we used to. Crockett is already asking to go back and we can't wait until next time!
And look what I got on the way home! A SMILE!! What a way to end an AWESOME trip!

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valbrown said...

oh my goodness! Your boys are absolutely precious Jess.