Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bowen's 'Gaze & Graze'

I am going to back track a bit in these next few blogs... My sweet Mom and sisters had a "Gaze & Graze" for Bowen at the end of June. In case you were wondering, a 'Gaze & Graze' is a more masculine version of a Sip N See :) Lulu coined the term... she is so creative!! Some of my very favorite people and family members came to meet my newest little guy! Mom, Mon and Rach all went above and beyond; from the food to the water bottles and to the 'Wishes for Bowen', which I will treasure forever. It made for such a special, lovely celebration! I was so excited to share my sweet Bowen Barrett. He was so good the whole time too! (Sleeping = good :) Elwanda and Marla made the trip from Holliday and my Uncle Tim, Aunt Darla and cousin Meredith came all the way from Weatherford, OK... it really meant the world to me that they came! Bowen got so many wonderful gifts and was so blessed by so many friends. I am so thankful for all the people that helped welcome my precious baby to the world!

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