Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bowen Barrett - 2 Months Old

I can't believe my sweet baby is 2 months old already! The past 2 months have gone by in a flash, or maybe a blur :) Bowen is growing like a weed and is so chunky and squishy right now. I love it. I love him.
* We went to see Dr. G on 8/14 and you weighed 13.3 lbs (90 percentile) and were 23.4 inches (80 percentile). You have become such a BIG BOY!!! * Dr. G also put you on Zantac for Reflux... Thank goodness! * You are eating every 2 hours, like clockwork. You nap for about an hour at a time and our nights aren't much better. You and I usually end up on the couch. Praying the Zantac helps!! * You just started smiling about a week ago. You have the sweetest smile that never fails to brighten my day. * We moved up to a Size 2 diaper at about 1 month. You wear some 0-3 month clothes and could probably go up to 3-6... I will wait as long as I can to move up :) * You have taken 2 roadtrips, to Holliday and Bulverde, and did SO good. You don't love your car seat, but you are a trooper! * You get so many kisses from your big brother and all your cousins. You are so very loved. * You love to rock. It is your favorite pasttime right now... Especially when it is on your mommy :) * You have started to 'Coo' and it is just the sweetest sound I have ever heard. I am so excited to continue to watch you grow. You have not been a very happy baby so far, but I don't think you feel very good most of the time. You have only been on Zantac for 2 full days, and I already see such a change. You have such a sweet spirit and I know you will only get sweeter. There are so many wonderful milestones that we have to look forward to. I am honored and blessed to be your mommy. Happy 2 Month Birthday, my little Bowen Bear!

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The Curry's said...

oh my gosh i LOVE those pictures....esp the first 2. what a chunky, sweet monkey you are! I LOVE YOU, B!