Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Uncle Ten's Farm

Last weekend, Mom, Monica, Braidy, Quin, Crockett and I took a little road trip to Weatherford, OK to visit Uncle Tim (Crockett calls him Uncle Ten :) and Aunt Darla. The boys have SO much fun at the farm and were SO excited about going to see the 'ammals'. It is a kind of long drive, about 6 hours, but the boys watched movies and kept themselves pretty entertained. They had TONS of extra energy to burn when we arrived, so it was a good thing that Aunt D was prepared! She had set up a tent in the backyard for them to play in, and she had Meredith, Kathryn and Keenen there! The boys immediately ran to the tree house, the tent, rode horses, collected rocks and got to see the pig. They were in Hog Heaven ;)
That night after a delicious dinner, we all got to hang out and catch up, while the boys entertained... Imagine that!?!
Sunday morning we went to Church at Weatherford Church of Christ. We have been going there as long as I can remember... it is neat to be able to take my children there now. If only my Papo was there to greet us. We love going and seeing so many old, familiar faces. Such a special place for me. After class, we went home and ate a yummy lunch. Everyone was pretty tired, so many of us took an afternoon nap. It was so nice :) Meredith left while we were asleep, so I was sad that we were not able to tell her goodbye. Even more so because she leaves for Senegal, Africa in a week or so! She is traveling with a group of 3 other people and the group, LST, or Let's Start Talking. They will spend 6 weeks teaching the African people the English language using the book of Luke. Pretty amazing. I am so proud of her and will be praying for safe travels, good health, safety, strength and motivation for her entire group! On Sunday evening, Crockett got to ride the COMBINE!!! HE was SUPER excited and it might have been the highlight of his trip :) Uncle Tim let him drive and he even got LuLu to take a ride with them! Quinny watched all the action and played with his Aunt Darla. She even got to give him a little hair trim! After the combine, Mon and Braidy got on the semi with Uncle and Crockett. Braidy got to drive this time, and HONK the very loud horn! Later in the evening, Uncle Tim and Aunt Darla took the boys, all by themselves, to go water the cows. They had such a great time and saw LOTS of cows and babies! These boys were pretty smitten with their Aunt and Uncle!!!
Monday morning, we had to get ready to go home :( The boys had to get a little more time with Uncle Tim. They also had to play with the kitty cat's again. They LOVED those cats... actually, I was a little surprised no one asked to bring one home with us! After we left the farm, we went to the cemetary to visit Memo and Papo. I miss them so much, and just feel the need to go see them every once in a while. This was one of those times. I get so sad seeing these little boys run around the farm... I know my Papo would have LOVED these little great-grandsons. After we said our goodbyes, we headed West on I-40 toward home. I LOVE going to visit Weatherford... it is theraputic for my soul. So many fond memories there, and so many more to be made. It is such a special place. Until next time...

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