Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Bowen - 36 weeks!

I am feeling a teeny-tad bit guilty as I write this very first blog dedicated to my sweet baby Bowen Barrett. I am 36 weeks as of this past Monday and SO ready to meet this sweet boy! We had our final sonogram on Monday and everything looked great, thank goodness! Bowen weighs about 5 lbs 15 oz and should continue to gain about 1/2 lb each week. We couldn't get any good pictures because of how squished he is, but that is ok, we will see him soon enough! I also had my 36 week appointment with my doctor, Dr. Devine. His heartrate was 152 to 154. I measured 33 cm, which is small, but I have been measuring about 2 cm off each appointment. The measurement is supposed to line up with whatever week you are... so technically I should measure 36, but we think he may have dropped. I can tell his head is very low, so that makes lots of sense. Dr. Devine also checked me and I am dilated to 2 and about 50% effaced. If Bowen will stay put about 2 more weeks, that would be wonderful. I have a feeling when he comes, it is going to happen VERY fast! His room is not quite finished, but we are getting SO close. I have really procrastinated until the very end, and would probably still not be ready, but thank goodness for Chris, my mom, Ryan and Monica, it will be ready! They really had to light a fire under me to get some things done, so it has totally been a group effort. I cannot thank them enough! We are so excited to meet this little man! I know that he will be here so soon and I just cannot wait!

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valbrown said...

What a sweet note! Can't wait to meet Baby Bowen <3