Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poppa comes to town!

Last week we were so excited to have Poppa and JJ come visit! JJ was so excited because her granddaughter, Carsyn, FINALLY made her BIG arrival. We saw JJ a little bit, but she was a tad bit preoccupied (as she should be :)! Poppa stayed with the Curry's a couple of nights and with us a couple nights, but the boys were SO excited to have him here! He took Crockett to pick out his birthday gift. Crockett thought it was so COOL to go to the TOY STORE! He picked out an EXCAVATOR that he can ride and dig with. It is right up his alley! I think Poppa learned quite a bit about tractors this week! Popppa also took Braidy and Crockett to feed the ducks one afternoon. The boys had SO much fun! They fed the ducks SO much bread and even found a duck egg....

Funny story....
Braidy insisted on taking the duck egg home. He said he was going to put it under a light and take REALLY good care of it! Somehow I ended up bringing the duck egg home and I put it in a tupperware dish so we could take it to Braidy's mommy and daddy :) When we finally walked Braidy home, he wanted to carry it and was so careful. He held it with 2 hands and walked very slowly. When we walked in the door, Braidy went straight to the kitchen to show his daddy what he had found. I am not sure how thrilled his daddy was, but somehow in all the excitement, Braidy hit Crockett's shoulder with the tupperware and OUT FELL THE EGG! I was laughing so hard, Quin was trying to get in the "juice" and Ryan was trying to clean up the mess.... and then I looked at Braidy.... I have never seen him look so sad. He was on the verge of tears. We out the egg in the trash can and he just stared in the trash can, like we had thrown away his favorite toy. It was heart-breaking. I told Braidy that the baby duck was in Heaven now, with all the other baby ducks and that was a much better place. He seemed to be ok with that. It was the funniest/saddest incident I have witnessed in a LONG time!

The boys had such a great time with Poppa. They really played hard and made the most of their time together. Poppa ended the weekend by going to Church with all of us on Easter and giving the boys their Easter baskets. It was such a great week and we can't wait until the next time they come!

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