Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Brother Crockett

Last weekend Chris and I took Crockett for the 'Sibling Tour' at Covenant. We are getting close enough and I wanted to make a big deal of Crockett becoming a big brother to baby Bowen, so this was the perfect opportunity. We showed up, and Crockett was SO EXCITED to see his LuLu! She just happened to be working this weekend.

We got up to the room and Mrs. Hollie had each of the siblings say their name, if they were having a girl or boy and their baby's name. Crockett was a teeny bit shy, can't blame him, but he did such a great job! Next, they got a stuffed monkey that is going to be their gift to their baby. They had to hold the monkey tight, close their eyes and make a wish for their baby... Not sure what Crockett wished for Bowen, but I will always remember this...

The siblings got t-shirts for the monkey and dressed them.

Next, all the siblings went to the middle of the room to sing "Happy Birthday' to their baby brothers and sisters. Mrs. Hollie explained to them that when they come to the hospital, it will be to see their baby on their 'birth'day. Crockett loves to sing 'Happy Birthday', so this was one of my favorite parts :)

Crockett learned how to hold the baby. Mrs. Hollie to the kids that they had to be SO careful to hold their head. Crockett did such a great job! He told the baby, "It's ok baby" and patted his head. He really liked his hat too.

We went on a tour of the hospital to see where momma would go when she has baby Bowen and were we would stay after he arrived. Crockett even got to see some babies in the nursery. Before we left, Crockett got a certificate of completion. He is ready to be a BIG BROTHER!

We had so much fun at the 'Sibling Tour' and learned a lot! Mrs. Hollie was so good with the kids and made the kids understand why becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister is something very special. Crockett is going to be such a great big brother and great helper for momma. I know he will love baby Bowen and have so many wonderful, fun things to teach him!

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precious pictures Jess!