Sunday, April 29, 2012


Easter was several weeks ago, but I still wanted to blog about our special day. We had a wonderful day celebrating the resurrection of Christ with the ones we love. Poppa surprised Crockett with a special Easter basket filled with all kinds of goodies. He was so excited! We all got dressed in our Sunday best and went to Church with the Curry's at Experience Life. It was a great, uplifting service. After church was over, Poppa had to leave. We were sad to say goodbye, but we had SO MUCH FUN while he was here! For lunch we, with the Curry's, went to brunch at the Overton. Right when we walked in, we saw the Easter bunny! The boys were pretty excited to see him and get a special egg, but Quinny did not share their enthusiasm :) We all ate TONS of yummy food. The boys were even pretty well behaved... and you really never know how that is going to turn out! After lunch, we went to our house to hunt Easter eggs. They boys had such a great time, and helped each other find LOTS of eggs.... then they opened them all and ate the chocolate treats :) I think Saydi even got a few treats! It's a wonder they didn't get stomach aches! It was a fun, special day.

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