Friday, January 13, 2012

Polar Express

A LOT has happened since we rode the Polar Express! I am in catch up mode since we just got our Internet connected at our new house. More on that in a later blog :)

This was our 2nd annual ride on the Polar Express. Lulu takes her boys (and their mommas and Riri) for Christmas and we all LOVE it! It was fun last year, but this year was EVEN BETTER! Crockett watched the movie The Polar Express almost daily this year, so he really understood the train and the ticket and hot chocolate, and best of all Santa and the jingle bell! It was fun to see the excitement in his eyes :)

All 3 boys got dressed in their cute pj's and we were ready to go to the North Pole. They got cookies (Quin liked those the best :) and hot chocolate. We saw elves and the conductor and FINALLY got to meet Santa! The big boys loved him... Quinny... not so much. The boys were really wired after that and danced and played in the aisle the rest of the train ride home!

It was so much fun and is a tradition we look forward to every year. Thanks LuLu for taking us for a ride on the Polar Express!!

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