Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas 2011

Since we were in the middle of packing this Christmas season, we decided to spend Christmas at Lulu and Papaw's house. Crockett and I went on the Thursday before and Chris joined us on Friday (luckily... he almost got snowed/iced in in Midland!). RiRi was already there when we arrived and Crockett and I were SOOOOO EXCITED! Crockett LOVES RiRi... I am sure he wears her out, but she sure is a good sport :) It snowed quite a bit in Midland on that Friday, and luckily, we got just a little of that in Lubbock. Just enough to be able to enjoy it, but not make the roads dangerous.

All the girls and little boys went to ride the Polar Express on Friday evening. It was so fun and something we look forward to each year! Saturday night was Christmas eve, so we all went to Lulu and Papaw's house for dinner. As usualy the boys made it very entertaining! Once Papaw got home, we opened gifts from one another. We usually have a very organized, youngest to oldest routine... this year was slightly different. It was complete and utter CHAOS! The little boys tore into everything in sight and, although there was some minor confusion, it was lots of fun! Once all the gifts were opened, it was bedtime and time to get ready for Santa's arrival!!! Santa came that night and on Sunday morning Crockett got some SUPER FUN surprises! He loved his "toos" (tools) and he got the bike he had been asking for! Chris thinks Santa went a little overboard for Crockett, but I just keep telling him that he was just such a good boy this year :)

We had a wonderful time spending Christmas at Lulu and Papaw's house this year. Our family is truly blessed to be able to share these holiday's with one another and make such special memories.

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