Monday, December 19, 2011

Home for the Holidays!

This year we went to Holliday the weekend before Christmas to celebrate with the Stone's. I was quite bummed because Chris wasn't able to go with us... he had to stay behind and work in Midland, so it didn't really feel like Christmas, but we had a great time anyways! We had a big Christmas lunch consisting of Branding Iron BBQ and all the fixins (if you are from Wichita Falls, you know how yummy this is!) on Saturday and opened presents after lunch! Crockett couldn't stand the wait... he kept saying "I open presents now, momma!" He couldn't wait to tear into his gifts! He got lots of fun stuff, Thomas the Tank Engine books, play-doh, clothes, a Bible, a big ball to bounce on, and a couple tractors. As soon as he opened the tractors, he told me "I need dirt, Momma!" A couple minutes later Emily, my niece, came in and told me Crockett was in the sand box by himself... with his tractors :) All of the kids got to play, Mimi was there and got to see all of her grandkids and we all got to spend some time together. It was so much fun!

After all the fun had been had, Crockett and Rich (and their mommas) had to go take naps. Little boys without naps are no good! After a great nap, Greg took Crockett, Rich and I for a ride on his tractor. I didn't intend on going, but Crockett wasn't going without me! He loved every minute of it! We drove around for about an hour and looked for cows and finally found them! That made Crockett and Rich VERY happy :)

It was such a pretty evening, so we decided to go to the Fantasy of Lights. It is at Midwestern State University and just a lot of Christmas scenes made up of different characters and LOTS of lights! Crockett really enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching his face light up when he recognized Mickey or Dumbo, and especially Baby Jesus :)

We had to go visit Hotshot while we were in town too! It is so precious to see Crockett with Hotshot... he just loves him and I have to imagine that is how Chris was when he was younger. We went outside (despite the freezing wind) and walked around, with Crockett leading the way. He knew exactly where he wanted to go (to the water and to the tractor) and what he wanted to do (throw rocks, "drive" the tractor and swing). Hotshot got a kick out of his newfound independence :) After a little outside time, we went inside and Crockett played with Hotshot and Maryann's train they have under their tree. He loved it last year, and knew it was supposed to be there. He even got to open another present, which made him SO happy! I love that Crockett and Hotshot love to spend time together.

We had such a great time in Holliday. Grandmaw is always so wonderful to let us stay at her house and pretty much take over... Crockett takes over, anyways. We love being around all our family there. Makes us miss being closer and so thankful for all the time we get to spend together.

Merry Christmas from Holliday!!

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The Curry's said...

How does Crockett look like he's 12 in that first picture!!!! =( He is looking so big these days ....