Monday, December 19, 2011

Last Day of School.

Despite the look on his face, he REALLY LOVES Mrs. Lindsey and Mrs. Carrie!!

The Kangaroo Christmas Party!

Lots of FUN goodies!!

The BIGGEST babies in the 'Turtle' class :)

Crockett's buddy, David

The past week was such a whirlwind! It began with Chris leaving town for the week (it is always a whirlwind when I am completely on my own!), Crockett had his Christmas program at school and in addition to Christmas parties on Thursday, it was our VERY last day at FBC CDO :( It was such a bittersweet day for me. I have made so many dear friends up there and just LOVE all of my 'Turtle' babies! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Crockett's class and teachers. Although he does not understand that it is his VERY last day, I was pretty much broken-hearted to tell his teachers (who are my sweet friends) good-bye. He has learned SO much and loves all of his classmates. He is pretty much completely potty-trained, thanks in part to their help, and he was just so comfortable and happy in their class. Carrie and Lindsey, you girls are the best and Crockett's next teachers have some mighty BIG shoes to fill! I have been working in the nursery and must say that it is one of the MOST CHALLENGING things I have ever done! I love each of those babies dearly, but oh my goodness!!! If it weren't for Stephanie, my partner, I would never have made it! She became such a special friend and we definitely learned to lean on one another. Teamwork in that room is SO necessary!

Crockett had a great time at his Christmas party! They had some yummy food and got lots of presents from each of their classmates. It was pretty crazy in the room, but they all had fun!

I cannot say enough about all of the people we love up at CDO. Crockett made great friends and so did I. CDO at Fist Baptist has been the highlight of our time in Midland. Don't know what we would have done without such a wonderful place to come each week.

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