Monday, October 25, 2010

Sometimes you need a little Hill Country...

We just got back from a weekend trip to the Hill Country! Chris, Crockett, Grandmaw and I left on Friday morning to go visit some of the people we love the most! We drove to Austin and took Grandmaw to Aunt Jeannine's house. They haven't seen each other in a while, so I know they were looking forward to spending some time together! We stayed at Jeannine's for a while to visit, then Chris, Crockett and I continued on our way to Bulverde. We were so excited to finally arrive!

One of the 1st things Crockett saw was the kitty cat! Jan showed Bentley to Crockett and from then on Crockett wanted to see the kitty cat :) Poor Bentley is not a big fan of the kiddos and decided to make himself pretty scare, but everytime Crockett saw Jan, he said "KITTY CAT!" Later that night, Rachy got to dad's house and we got to hang out with her a bit and watch the Rangers win the ALCS!!! SO exciting! We had a great time hanging out and visiting with each other. Saturday morning, Poppa (or Boppa, as Crockett says :) had a tennis match in Boerne. Although we were a little late, we still made it for the 2nd half of the match. Of course they won! WOuldn't you know that when we walked into the sports complex, there was a family with 4 free kittens they were giving away to a good home! Crockett did not want to leave the kittens... I am a little surprised we walked away empty handed :) They were so cute and he petted them and was very intrigued. After the match we went and had brunch at Bear Moon, which had AMAZING donuts, kolaches, quiche, everything! Jan, Rach and I went and shopped a bit, while Poppa and Chris took Crockett to feed the ducks. He had a great time. They decided he really wanted to have his feet in the water while he was feeding the ducks... he had to be right on the water's edge. Good thing Poppa had a good hold on him :) Boerne is such a neat little town! We all had a reat time! Saturday evening, Poppa and JJ had a wedding, Rach went to hang out with friends, so Chris, Crockett and I headed downtown to have dinner and check out the River Walk. After dinner, we rode on the river boat, which Crockett loved, and then we walked down to the Alamo. I really love downtown San Antonio, there is so much history. It was a lot of fun for our little family to go do that together. We had one sleepy kiddo that night!

On Sunday morning, we got up and hung out, had a delicious breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful hill country air. After Crockett took a nap, Dad and I went to go play tennis and Chris and Jan took Crockett to the playground. I love playing tennis with my dad. Not only is he a great player, but he is a great teacher. I always look forward to our time together... and one day, I am going to BEAT him :) Crockett had such a good time swinging! Chris said he was just belly-laughing! After we played, Crockett decided it was his turn. So Poppa got on the court with Crockett and they threw the ball around. Crockett kept saying something, which we finally decided was that he wanted a raquet. So I gave him one of my old ones and my dad helped him hit the ball. He was sooooo proud of himself and immediately said (what sounded like...) "Dad, I hit the ball!!" It was hysterical! I swear that is what he said... Funny Kid! They played for a good 30 minutes, and I knew Crockett would fall asleep on the way home. I was... WRONG! He was ready to play outside in the pool, look for Bentley ALL OVER THE PLACE, ride in the wheelbarrow while looking for Bentley :), fill up the bird feeder... you name it, as long as it was outside, the kid wanted to do it! Once the sun began to set, which was beautiful, he began to fade quickly and went from a sweet little boy, to a little monster, to a little boy who was so tired he would not close his eyes. After about an hour and a half of trying, he FINALLY went to sleep.

We left on Monday morning and headed back to Austin to pick up Grandmaw and meet Grandpa Steve for some breakfast. We all went to Waterloo, which was perfect since they have a playground Crockett could play on while we waited. It was a great visit and I know Steve couldn't believe how much Crockett had grown!

We had such a wonderful time seeing everyone! Crockett came home saying so many new words and now wants a kitty cat :) We hope to get to visit again soon... Maybe Crockett could stay by himself?!?! It is always so much fun to get away and go somewhere new, but oh how wonderful it is to get home, sweet home!!

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