Tuesday, October 12, 2010


What an exciting day at school today! This morning I joined Crockett's teachers, Mrs. Alisha and Mrs. LaRetta, and we took the class to the PUMPKIN PATCH! I just love this time of the year, with the beautiful, cool weather, the leaves changing colors and lots of PUMPKINS! There were 5 kids in his class today (Crockett, Ezra, Kindal, Zane and Lavinia), so it really worked out well for the three of us. They were all so good and minded really well. It amazes me how the teachers have taught them to sit on the mat before they go outside, and then one by one they hold onto the rail and go down the stairs, then they hold onto the rail at the bottom of the stairs until everyone is down. They are so well-trained and well-behaved! Too bad I can't get Crockett to do that at home! The pumpkin patch is across the street at the Methodist church, so we just walked over. They had a great time looking at the pumpkins and horses (they have carriage rides too!), running around and picking out little pumpkins to take home! We tried to get some pictures of the class together... but, MAN, you have gotta be fast! They had a really good time and most of them will go back on Thursday! YAY!

Crockett is a part of a great class with some really sweet kids (and wonderful, patient and loving teachers)! I am so grateful to be able to go on these excurisions with Crockett. What great memories we are making :)

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The Curry's said...

So cute!!! He looks like he is having a blast. Can't wait to take the boys this weekend....SO FUN!