Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Quin's Shower!!

This weekend, Crockett and I headed to Lubbock to celebrate and help prepare for my sweet new nephew's arrival! We couldn't be more excited!! After I picked Crockett up from school on Thursday, we drove to Lubbock. He didn't sleep at all, but he was soooo good! Didn't cry a bit... Man, has the kid made strides in that department! We used to stop at EVERY SINGLE reststop! YAY CROCKETT!! :) On Friday, Crockett and I went to the Science Spectrum to play with Monica & Braidy, Alisa & Annabelle (the birthday girl :), and Melissa & Jackson. He had such a great time playing and I had a wonderful time getting to hang out with some great girls I don't get to see very often! The rest of the day, Crockett got to play with Braidy, while LuLu and I were making last minute preparations for the shower. Since it was at 10 a.m. we wanted to get all of it ready so we weren't CRAZY in the morning.

Saturday morning, Papaw took Crockett to the Curry's and he tagged along with John and Braidy at Annabelle's 2nd birthday party. It was at The Maize, and I really wish I could have gone and took some pictures! I know they had a great time because Crockett was sound asleep on Uncle Ryan's shoulder when they got home. While they were at the party, we were having Quin's shower! It was great! Monica and Quin got LOTS of diapers, wipes, a super cute tote bag, a pack n play and all kinds of gift cards! That kiddo will be set! I enjoyed getting to meet some of her friends, and see some old friends.

The rest of the weekend, we also helped get Quin's room semi-ready. Uncle Bob did the bedding (it is PRECIOUS!) but the room needed to be cleaned out and clothes cleaned. Monica and I both had so much fun seeing all the baby clothes and reminiscing about almost EVERY outfit. Seems like just yesterday, Braidy and Crockett were in each little, bitty onesie. Quin definately has LOTS and LOTS of clothes. So hopefully, when we left, Monica felt a little more prepared than she was before :) She looks so cute and ready to pop! I CANNOT WAIT to meet my new nephew!! It should not be too much longer... maybe 2 or 3 weeks!

It was a great, productive and very fun trip! Counting the days until we get to go back!!!!!!!

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