Thursday, January 7, 2010

Crockett's 1st Christmas!!!

This was as close as he got this time :)

Braidy in Uncle Chris's boots

Braidy and Crockett playing with Papaw

The best gift of all :)

Mommy helping her favorite gift open his gifts :)

Annual sister's picture with all the babes

Saydi LOVES the snow!

Who needs Santa when you have Grandma?? :)

Christmas with Grandmaw Elwanda and Grandma Welch

So hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone! We all work so hard to prepare for it and then overnight, it is over! Christmas is such a special holiday and this year it was even more special since we had Crockett to celebrate with! Ours started out on Tues. Dec. 22 when we packed the car and the kids (Crockett and Saydi :) and headed to Lubbock. We spent the next few days hanging out with LuLu and Papaw, Mon, Ryan and Braidy and Rachy. It snowed on Christmas eve morning but we went ahead with all of our plans! Santa was going to be at City Bank, so we decided to take the boys. Now, I already knew Crockett was not a big fan of Santa's, but I thought maybe the 3rd time would be better.... Not so much. Braidy really liked him, though! Braidy also liked everyone else in the lobby and went around saying "Hi!"! He is so cute and such a friendly little boy :) Later that night, Mom, Rach and I met Mon, Ryan and Braidy for their church's Christmas eve service. It was a U2 Christmas message on the song 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for' and was great. We really enjoyed it and the music! After that was over, we headed home for some great food and family time. It is our family tradition to open gifts from each other on Christmas eve... and the little boys liked that. They would have been ok with just one present, but they got LOTS of great stuff. Crockett got a wagon and Braidy got a car (which he would not get out of :). We all got lots of good stuff... Chris and Ryan really outdid themselves this year too :) Santa came to visit on Christmas morning! I don't know how he keeps track of all of us!!! Chris, Crockett and I were supposed to drive home Christmas day, but there was a blizzard back in Wichita Falls and it was going to be too dangerous, so we got to stay at LuLu's and hang out with the family all day! The next day was Christmas at Grandmaw Elwanda's, which we missed! I hate that we had to miss it, but we still went to her house when we got home (to LOTS and LOTS of snow, I might add!) and opened gifts with some of the family. It was not the same, but atleast we got to see her. We had gotten to spend some time with her and Grandma Welch right before we left too. The next day we went to Ringling to spend some time with Chris's mom, Trisha and Kelly and Brendan. They had not been able to make it to Elwanda's either. I guess Christmas is not just on one certain day, but whenever you are able to celebrate it with the ones you love. It is so hard with so many families to see. And this year we did not get to see my dad and Jan or Steve yet.... but we will. Crocket was a great sport with all the traveling we did. He had a wonderful Christmas this year and I can't wait to see him at this time next year!

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The Curry's said...

We had the BEST Christmas with you all. I can only imagine how fun they will be from here on out! Can't decide what will be more entertaining, our husbands or our children!