Friday, January 29, 2010

10 MoNtHS oLd!!!!!

Another month has quickly come and gone... now the countdown to my baby's 1st birthday is officially ON! This month seemed to have gone by even faster than the others. Maybe it was due to me chasing Crockett all over the house pretty much 24/7. I always thought that my nephew, Braidy, was the busiest kid I had ever met. I think Crockett is giving him a run for his $money$. Not only that, but he is SUCH a mommy's boy! If I am in the room, he wants me to hold him and if I am not in the room, he is screaming. I do LOVE the way he LOVES me :) Everyone told me that little boys love their mommy... boy, do they ever! At the beginning of January, those two top teeth FINALLY came through. They were sure stubborn. Now everytime I see them, I no longer see my baby, but a growing little boy. They have a slight gap, but are the 2 cutest teeth I have ever seen. He is now walking around the fireplace, coffee table and couches and he has even stood by himself, but only for a few seconds at a time. Walking will happen soon, but probably not too soon. (Which is fine with me :) Crockett is such a happy boy. Especially when we are out with friends or running errands, he never fusses or makes a scene. I am always SO proud of him on those afternoons when we miss a nap and he acts like such a big boy. Naptime and bedtime at home are SUCH a different story. I have never heard a kid put up such a fight to go to sleep.... but Crockett does. I hope it is just a phase. In fact, I know it is just a phase, I just hope it ends quickly. Daddy is the only one that can get him to sleep in his bed without a knock-down, drag-out screamfest... Thank goodness for Daddy!! Dinner time is very interesting these days! Crockett eats pretty much whatever mommy and daddy eat (so does Saydi since he loves to throw it on the floor or at her :) He really likes big people food and does not want to be fed by ANYONE! Unless it is pudding or yogurt... he likes those so much, he doesn't care how he gets them! It is quite messy, though, and he always ends mealtime by spitting out whatever he is eating... he is DONE! Finally, I think it is just about time for a haircut. His hair is out of control. When it is wet, it goes onto his back. I have just kept putting it off, knowing what a little boy he will look like when it is all done, but it is really time. It MUST. BE. DONE.
I know the next two months will go by just as quickly as the last 10... I remember this time last year; all the anticipation and excitement that we were experiencing. This year, I am feeling the same way, just for my almost one year old baby boy and all that the future holds.
Crockett, Watching you grow and learn and become a little boy instead of a baby takes my breath away. You are such a fun little man to wake up to in the mornings and such a blessing to thank God for each night when I go to sleep. When your daddy and I dreamt of what our son would be like, there is no way we could have hoped for someone, something as wonderful and precious as you. You have enriched our lives in everyway and made us become better people. We love you so much, baby boy, and cannot wait to see what you will surprise us with next.

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Monica said...

You look like such a BIG BOY in these pictures...your hair makes me smile. I love it and will miss it when it's gone =( We can't wait for the big birthday will be here before you know it!