Sunday, July 12, 2009

Three Months Old!!

I am such a bad mommy, but am just now posting Crockett's three month birthday picture!! He is almost four months at this point, but that is ok :) My sweet little boy is growing so quickly and changing daily! At three months he began belly laughing, which is my favorite sound in the whole wide world! He recognizes his mommy and daddy and greets us with a big smile. He found his fists and wants at least one in his mouth at all times.... and on June 26, while we were eating in Stephenville on the way to San Antonio, he started sucking his thumb! I wanted to cry, take pictures and call everyone all at the same time. Chris thinks I am crazy :) He loves to sit in his bumbo, just not for a very long time yet, went swimming at Grandpa's house and loved it (it was the temperature of bath water), went swimming at the lake and hated it.. too cold. Crockett loves watching tv with his daddy and just hanging out with him. Chris can't wait to take him on the tractor with him. It is hard to believe that Crockett has only been in our lives for 3+ months, but they have been the BEST months of our lives.

What a little blessing you are. I thank God for you each and every day. I love you and look forward to what the next month will bring!


The Pennywells said...

WOW!! when I clicked on the blog and saw this picture I was amazed, he has really grown! What a handsome little man he is :)

Monica said...

Oh I love this little man. What a cute it! He is such a joy...we love you C-man!