Monday, June 24, 2013

Bowen Barrett - 12 MONTHS!!!

We made it! The BIG one year milestone has come and gone... It is so hard to believe. You just seem older to me these days. It was such a fun day to celebrate. And  I had a hard time looking at the clock and not feeling nostalgic. It was such a special day. Always will be. We started the day with donuts and cousins. We all sang "Happy Birthday" and let you blow out a candle! You loved the donut, no surprise there! :) Lulu took us out to Blue Sky for your birthday lunch, where I officially ordered your very first 'solo' meal. You ate almost the entire grilled cheese, which I am pretty sure was more than any of the older boys. It was a fun day, and we ended it with an ice cream sandwich, that you LOVED. You can thank Aunt Mon for that! Happy Birthday sweet Bowen Barrett!!!

At 12 months, you weigh 23.9 lbs and are about 29 inches. You still have lots of wonderful, chunky arms and legs, but you definitely have stopped gaining weight like you have in the past. You are so very active and I just thought you were into everything last month!! You still love the kitchen and Crockett's room, but now you have found the bathroom. Gross. You love when your brother leaves the toilet seat up and if it is down (which it usually is) you go for the toilet paper. You always leave a trail :)  You aren't quite walking, but you are cruising, and I have a feeling it won't be too long. You have mastered the bye-bye wave, but will rarely do it on cue. You have also started giving the best, sloppiest kisses, with tongue most of the time. They are so precious, especially when you do it without me asking. You are getting several teeth and are super whiny, so all you say lately is MAMA or MA!!! ALL DAY LONG! I love it, but will be glad when you expand your vocabulary just a little bit! (and get those darn teeth!!) You are the sweetest, happiest little boy and I have had the best time watching you grow over the last year. I know we have so many wonderful, special milestones ahead of us. You have blessed our family in every way. We are all smitten with our Bowen Bear and love you to the moon and back! Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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