Sunday, March 27, 2011


After Crockett's Dr. appointment in Wichita Falls, we packed up and headed to Lubbock to celebrate with LuLu, Papaw, and the Curry's! We stopped at the Curry's house when we got there, and Crockett was THRILLED to see DeeDee (Braidy :) They immediately went outside to dumpa, dumpa (jumpa, jumpa on the trampoline :) and play with the BUBBLES! Rich gave Crockett a bubble machine that is AWESOME!!! We have gotten TONS of playtime out of it already! When LuLu finally got off of work and we celebrated with pizza and a TRACTOR cake! It was so cute, and a little less green than the last one :)

After we ate, it was time for Crockett's present from LuLu and Papaw. She took him in her closet, where it was hidden, and SURPRISE!!!! It was his very own, pint-size TRACTOR! His face was priceless and I am so glad I was there to get a picture! He cannot quite reach the pedals, so he loves to sit on it, or in it, and watch TV or just hang out... It is pretty cute! He is quite obsessed with tractors these days, so I can't imagine anything he would love more! Thanks LuLu!

The next day, we wanted to have a fun day with LuLu, Mon, Braidy and Quin so we went to eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A, where they always have a good time (not so much for the mommas and LuLu :) and then we headed to the Science Spectrum. They had a BLAST running around, playing on the kiddie roller coaster, making REALLY BIG bubbles, looking at the pishes (fish :), and watching the dinosaur, but only from a distance! We were all worn out and ready for a nap when we finally left! From there we napped and played just a little more before we had to go home to daddy in midland! He still needed to see the birthday boy!!!

We had SO SO much fun with everyone in Lubbock! Crockett and Braidy are into everything, but have so much fun doing it! Crockett cannot get enough of his baby cousin, Quin. Although he won't call him anything other than beebee, he is so sweet to him and just as gentle as he can be. He really loves that beebee :) Thanks to everyone for making this such a great birthday! We got to celebrate with so many people we love... and even though we didn't have a great big party, this was just as special!! (And not so stressful on everyone :) Happy 2nd Birthday, Crockett!!!

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